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  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    This menstrual cycle formula has worked to regulate my periods. It comes on time each month when it's supposed to. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I purchased this product (Moon Cycle Formula) online on a Thursday, and got it on Friday. I began taking it the next day and have been ever since. My cycle comes every 21-22 days, sometimes twice a month, two pads, heavy bleeding, lazy, tired, just don't want to do nothing. Can't eat or drink anything cold and really took over my life. I bought this product to help me get a normal cycle, less blood flow, less or no pain, and a short cycle. I would recommend this product for all those teens and adult women who have the same symptoms as me or worst than me. Please buy it. It don't even cost that much. While on my period I have to have medicine (Advil, Tylenol, Viacontin, Excedrin) 1000mg every six to eight hours. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I just started taking this formula a few days ago so I haven't seen any results from it yet. However, as someone who has been taking herbs for the past 10 years, I will say I'm impressed with the ingredient list for this product. It's not easy to find companies that are all natural and have as many herbs in their product as Dherbs does. I will definitely be buying from them again. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I have noticed the difference in my cycle with and without the Moon Cycle Formula. I have used one full bottle and was much calmer during my cycle and the period 2 weeks before it. This month I had my cycle without the formula, and was back to what I use to experience, horrible moods, anxiety and ill temperament. Needless to say I am ordering more! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    The Menstrual Cycle Formula has helped regulate my periods with the other herbs I am taking. Thanks for offering great herbal remedies for women who experience difficulties with their periods. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    The moon cycle formula was awesome, it really helped my period, and also helped with the cramping. Awesome, I will buy it again *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I finally took the menstrual cycle after my cycle started to be more brown than the normal red. I took 5 capsule a day just as I would do a cleanse and now my cycle is back to the regular color. I also took the uterus formula at the same time. I love these products from Dherbs. *
43 results

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