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Reviews: Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

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  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    I feel more energy. I like the fact that it is not synthetic. *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    Great Multi-Vitamins and Minerals formula it keeps me regular and super energized . Its amazing!!! Thanks dherbs. *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    The milti vitamins and minerals is definitely what i need for energy. You will not be disappointed if you try it. *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    I love your Multi-Vitamins and Minerals. Before I started taking them I was always really tired, now I have a lot more energy and feel so much better. Thank you for this awesome product. *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    I ordered the multi-vitamin & minerals about a month ago and have been taking 2 a day regularly and have REALLY seen a difference. I have had more energy and have not been sick even though I have been around sick people now and then. I love how the ingredients are all natural/organic which in turn allows the body to absorb more of it compared to the synthetic garbage you see in pharmacies and other stores. I am willing to pay a premium knowing that I am getting a quality product and not something that is MASS produced to the masses. I REALLY hope Dherbs continues to stick by their products and continues to hold the high standards that they had thus far. I am planning on doing the Full Body Detox with my girlfriend and my mom soon and am confident that we will see wonderful results. ~micah (a VERY happy customer) *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    Not only are these multi-vitamin and mineral capsules inexpensive, but they work. I felt the energy increase, and they even made me regular. They will be taken on a regular basis. *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    Multi-Vitamins & Minerals is a wonderful product !! We look and feel so healthy with lots more energy !! Thanks Dherbs *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    The Multi-Vitamins and Minerals is a great product, I will order it again. I felt like a new person after using it. *
  • Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

    Multi-Vitamins and Minerals is one of my favorite herb products that I have had so far. It curbs my appetite and decreases my non-healthy cravings. Great product! *
51 results

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Multi-Vitamins and Minerals 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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