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Reviews: Nail Oil

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  • Nail Oil

    This product is great! I can tell the different in my toenails since I began using the nail oil. *
  • Nail Oil

    Good afternoon, this is a great product (Nail Oil) for my toenails. My two big toenails have been infected for so long, after using the oil they have began to clear up. I would like to thank you for this product. Peace. *
  • Nail Oil

    Hi, I purchased the Nail Oil for my husband. After a few weeks you can see the change in his toenail. *
  • Nail Oil

    My mother’s toe nails were like brown and she got two bottles of the nail oil and now all are clear except 1 big toe. She was using a generic tea tree oil before and it did not work. The company might not have been honest about what was really in the ingredients. You guys are honestly lifesavers and Nail Oil definitely works and gets rid of the fungus, and turn your nails back to its rightful color. You have a customer for life with this product as well. Thanks. *
  • Nail Oil

    Use this nail oil for a fungus on some of my nails and it cleared up within a few weeks!! *
  • Nail Oil

    I have battled toenail issues for several years. I purchased the Nail Oil after reading some of the other reviews. I am so pleasantly surprised by the results after 2 weeks of using twice a day! The color has gone from being black to white. It seems to be clearing up nicely. I have paid much more for products that never produced results. I also took medication that was very toxic to the system to no avail. Kudos to you DHerbs...you have a lifetime user of your products! *
  • Nail Oil

    The nail oil is AMAZING!!!! I can see a huge difference since using the products. In just a couple of weeks but my nails are improving!!! I've been using the product at least twice a day and is pleased with the results I am seeing. I also notice a difference in my cuticles. I will be sandals ready thanks to this product. I recommend this product if you are having problems with their toenails. I will be ordering more in the future!!! Thanks DHERBS. *
  • Nail Oil

    I was kinda skeptical, because I have tried over the counter product to only fail. Anyhow, I purchased the nail oil and I am very pleased. My nails have turned white again. *
  • Nail Oil

    I have been dealing with my big toes being infected for several years...I have tried pills and other oils but this oil is way better than any medication! I have only been using the Nail Oil for about two weeks and I can see a great difference! I cannot wait to see the end result. Thank you oh so much Dherbs!! *
15 results

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Nail Oil 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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