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Reviews: Natural Tooth Powder

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  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I love how this tooth powder keeps my teeth feeling clean and my breathe fresh all day. In this short span of time I've been using it I have also noticed my teeth are whiter. I will definitely make this a staple in my oral regimen. Thanks for making a quality product. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I love love love this Healing Herbal Tooth Powder... since I started using the healing herbal tooth powder my mouth is fresher and I get compliments about the whiteness of my teeth all the time... *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    Healing Herbal Tooth Powder is excellent! I saw results within days. Now my whole family uses it I would recommend this to anyone. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    The Healing Herbal Tooth Powder is a miracle worker! I use it each night before I go to bed and every morning when I wake. I don't have to worry about morning breath because the product is still at work keeping my mouth fresh as I sleep, allowing me to wake up with a clean-breath feeling. It also stops bleeding and toothaches. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I have severe gum disease at one time they wanted to remove all my teeth because of bone lost in my teeth I started using the healing powder for a few months. I notice my gums getting pink & went to the dentist did a cleaning I had very little bleeding & she said ur gum are doing great come back in 6 months & continue with your good hygiene. I thank God & Dherbs. GREAT *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    Healing Herbal Tooth Powder really works. I had sensitivity on one side of my mouth and could not chew anything on that side. The tooth powder made that side stronger, and my teeth are most certainly stronger. I no longer have pain when I chew. I recommend this for everyone. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I love this Healing Herbal Tooth Powder! It took a couple times of brushing before my kids took to it but now they love it too. It does dirty the sink but it's nothing to wipe the stuff off after a good brushing. It leaves your breathe smelling fresh and since its not toxic you don't have to worry about your kids accidentally digesting it. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    During the FBC I used just the activated carbon and sesame seed oil for the oil pulling, on my teeth trying to avoid using the other stuff that has fluoride in it that was advised by my dentist for the periodontal disease. I added the tooth powder and by adding this to my routine it has worked wonders. I stopped using the fluoride rinse. Twice a day, I started with the oil pulling, (I floss at night) then I dip my toothbrush with my toothpaste on it in the tooth powder (get use to the taste this stuff works) brush. Then use the activated carbon. My teeth are sparkling and getting whiter. The dentist said my gums are getting better. Good Luck :)!!! *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    The Healing Herbal Tooth Powder is an excellent product that my family enjoys using. It gives us bright, white, healthy looking teeth & gums. *
80 results

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