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Reviews: Pancreas Cleanse

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  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I am a diabetic diagnosed in 1984. Started using insulin in 1987 and have been using insulin to the present. I am one of those diabetics who don't have a weight problem. I am 5-10 and approx. 180 lbs. I go to gym religiously 3 times weekly and have been doing so for about 3 and a half years. If at anytime I feel bad it is more of the exception than the rule. I dose and monitor with my meals. My last doctors visit was the best I ever had as far as controlling my diabetes. I wanted more. I am tired of needles and the inconviences. a co-worker of mine, who is the most health conscious brother I know told me about DHERBS. After reading about the diabetic package I immediately purchased the 20 day program. June 10th was my last day and I hope that the true healing (not MANAGING)of my disease will begin to take place. I followed the instructions precisely as written with the exception of taking the herbs on time daily timetable. My body really went through some changes. In the first 3 or 4 days I lost 5-7 lbs. My face cleared up. There was some discoloration on my cheeks. When I woke up in the am I was alert as if I never was asleep. My energy levels were greatly improved. I noticed this at the gym. My workout regimen became easier. I was a 1 a day bowel movement which went to 2-4 times daily. I am immensely more health conscious when shopping at the grocery store and have made Trader Joes and Wholefoods my new best friends. Fenugreek and Juniperberry are my teas of choice along with green. There are no guarantees in life. I realize this. But I want to thank you for giving a brother an alternative to organized medicine which keeps us alive to keep us paying. By the way I am going to be 56 Wed. the 14th. Hopefully before my 57th b-day I wont have to deal with syringes and synthetic medicines. Yours in health David Love ........diabetic looking to self heal with the help of God and His Disciples of Health *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I am currently in Day 7 of the Pancreas Cleanse and Regimen and I am down 11 lbs. I don't have a craving for sugar or actually no cravings. My energy level has increased and I don't feel the pain in my body that I had before -- specifically feet and lower back. This has been the best product for me! *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I did the PANCREAS CLEANSE & REGIMEN and my blood work numbers have all improved! *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    After being diagnose with type 2 diabetes and hypertension weighing 225 pounds, I knew I had to take control of my life. I tried so many cleansing and they didn't work for me. When my friend introduced me to the DHerbs.com website, I decided to try the Full Body Cleanse. Yesterday was my last day of my full body cleanse and I feel the difference and I have more energy. I am now a dherbs junkie. On September 21, I am conducting the 10 Day Blood Cleanse. I also ordered the hair skin and nails formula, bowel movement tea, detox bath drops (for vacation) and the energy booster tea. I recommend this website to EVERYONE. Thanks Dherbs for saving my life. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    Just finished the Pancreas Cleanse and I feel great. I will be ordering the Sugar Control and the other pancreatic supplements from now on. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I just completed the Pancreas Cleanse today and I must say it was the best I have felt in a long time. I am so energized. I did experience for the good a more and better bowel movement, my urine was clear I urinated a lot but clear. My eyes did get red for a day or two. My face complexion cleared a little. I should have consumed more water but I will next time. I use this product again (and I will use it again) and recommend to friends. I only lost 4-5 pounds but I was going to the gym regularly. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    My husband has had high blood sugar readings for a while and I got his this cleanse. He did it a little less intensively than the booklet recommended and after a few months his blood sugar dropped by almost 50 points, bravo! *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    Hello my Dherbs family this was the first cleanse I did. At first I didn't think I could go 20 days without meat but it was just a mind thing. By my 4th day I didn't even want any. No I'm not a vegetarian nor will I ever become one but it was very refreshing to tell someone no thank you when they offered me meat. I will do this on again soon. Thanks again AD *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I am on week two of the Pancreas Cleanse and I must say that I am beyond happy with the results so far. I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was on prescription medication for all diagnoses. I came off my meds and my glucose levels have dropped by 50 pts!!! I feel great, have more energy and my sugar cravings are basically non-existent. I feel lighter and my clothes are a little lose (didn't go on the scale as yet). I also just ordered the Liquid Full Body Cleanse and the Thyroid Aid. I am so excited; new year, new me! Thank you for these products.... *
31 results

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