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Reviews: Pancreas Formula

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  • Pancreas Formula

    Pancreas Formula as well as Pancreas Auxiliary, both has been a blessings to me for maintaining my glucouse level after using the Pancreas Kit for three weeks. I share Dherbs with all my friends and just people I meet and we get into health issues. I give them the website and say, "Just try it for yourself. *
  • Pancreas Formula

    Used this in conjunction with the full body cleanse and was more than satisfied with the results. *
  • Pancreas Formula

    After my doctor checkup last year, she was very pleased that my A1c number dropped from 8.0 to 7.0. Although I still have some work to do, I am happy with the product and will continue taking it until I reach my goal. *
  • Pancreas Formula

    My doctor is alway surprised when they do blood work on me and they don't see diabetes in my system anymore. This pancreas formula has kept it away and gave me more energy as a result. I advise any and everyone to get this product. *
  • Pancreas Formula

    I was very please with the results of this product. I hadn't taken any in over a month andI believe this is why I feel bloated. I'm ordering some more today. *
  • Pancreas Formula

    The Pancreas Formula really works!!! I find myself less thirsty and hungry. Thank you DHerbs for all the great products. *
  • Pancreas Formula

    The pancreas formula is definitely keeping my grandmother's levels down. She appreciates and gives high praises to you for formulating a wonderful product and helping so many people who had put their lives in the hands of doctors who had put a band-aid on serious health issues. THANKS DHERBS! Ase' *
  • Pancreas Formula

    The Pancreas Formula is great, and it really helps people with sugar issues. *
  • Pancreas Formula

    The pancreas formula is a great product. Good for proper digestion and enzyme production. I felt it working. *
17 results

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