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Reviews: Pancreas Tea

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  • Pancreas Tea

    It’s my favorite tea. I drink it almost daily and when I do not, I can tell the difference. This tea is a wonderful addition in making healthier choices for my body. *
  • Pancreas Tea

    The Pancreas cleanse was excellent , the cleanse had a great impact on my body my sugar levels came in normal range. Surprisingly I lost 20 lbs.The combination of the herbs that was used was very good. Following the suggesting order and the foods combination is very beneficial. *
  • Pancreas Tea

    Just love everything from Dherbs! Pancreas Tea is awesome! Great customer service, too! Thanks! *
  • Pancreas Tea

    I purchased this tea for my mom who is diabetic. She loved it and it lowered her Blood sugar! I'm ordering her some more and also getting some for another relative. *
  • Pancreas Tea

    After visiting my doctor for my yearly physical this year, she was very pleased with my A1c reading. By taking the Pancreas Tea along with the Formula I was able to lower my level by 10 points. I am still not completely diabetic free but I am getting there. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Pancreas Tea

    I use the tea with the Pancreas Cleanse for my type II diabetes. It has assisted me in keep my blood sugar levels under control. *
  • Pancreas Tea

    I've been a type 1 diabetic since 1989 with all the issues that come with it. I started drinking the pancreas tea hoping it would help in repairing my pancreas. After I notice that I didn't have to use as much insulin as before I decided to do a full body cleanse. I'm insulin sensitive so I really didn't need a lot. 17 units Lantus and four units Humalog when I ate. Now after using the tea plus body cleanse some days I only have to take my Lantus. I'm going to do the Pancras cleanse next. I love the natural herbs that Dherb has to offer n will continue to use. May God bless u n ur staff for the amazing products *
  • Pancreas Tea

    Love the Pancreas Tea. I can tell its working about an hour after drinking, and it tastes great. *
  • Pancreas Tea

    I purchased the pancreas tea along with the pancreas formula for my grandmother and she is singing the high praises of the way it has helped to regulate her blood sugar levels......we thank you for the wonderful products you produce! Ase' *
12 results

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Pancreas Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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