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Reviews: Prostate Formula

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  • Prostate Formula

    works well..noticed difference from the first...works particularly well with mildly enlarged prostrate. *
  • Prostate Formula

    I tried many others and never worked. I used to go to the bathroom every hour all night. I felt that my prostate was swollen and in pain too. I found Dherbs website by accident then ordered the Prostate Formula capsules to try it out. So far, my pain is gone. Less trips to the bathroom at night. I am surprise about the result. Definitely, it works great for me. *
  • Prostate Formula

    After purchasing the Full Body Cleanse item for a family member, I thought this product would help give him some relief. The purchasing and delivery of the item was excellent and it was delivered promptly. After only taking the product for a couple of days he has had some relief already, I will give a further review in two months time to say how he has got on with the product. I'd highly recommend Dherbs products to anyone. *
  • Prostate Formula

    This Prostate Formula is a good product! My urine flow is much better and I don't have to use the bathroom as often as I did. Thank you very kindly. *
  • Prostate Formula

    My husband tried the Prostate Formula. He said that he felt much better and I notice his eyes were really clear and bright and he seemed to become thicker. He was able to increase the time between bathroom breaks. We recommend this product. *
  • Prostate Formula

    Wonderful product I have ordered several times. I would gladly recommended this to any man. *
  • Prostate Formula

    I would highly recommend Dherbs Prostate Formula. I saw all of the benefits of the blend of herbs used to make the formula. *
  • Prostate Formula

    Had issues with frequent bathroom visits and my man part not performing the way it should to satisfy my wife. I had heard about Dherbs on the Steve Harvey Show, but felt is was a just like any other site offering herbs (spending money for no results). After taking this for a few days, no more bathroom visits at every stop and my wife is not able to keep up :) Ordering my second bottle!! *
  • Prostate Formula

    I have taken many prostate supplements over the past year when I noticed difficulty urinating at night. This prostate formula is by far the best product out there and I highly recommend it! *
29 results

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Prostate Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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