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Reviews: Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

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  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

    I only used it several times, the scent of the bar is very clean. I haven't used it in the shower yet. *
  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

    Fantastic product. I spend most of my time 'off of the grid' and outdoors. This Soap Bar makes it easy & convenient to find a little water, and get cleaned up. You do not have to lug around soap, shampoo, etc. It also treats your skin. I really like this product. *
  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

    The best Shampoo and body bar I ever used. I do love all Dherbs product that I purchased from this company. *
  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

    I love this two in one combo. It leaves my hair smelling fresh. *
  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

    Great product.. I use to shampoo it leaves my hair squeaky clean & NO residue like many shampoo's. My hair has the body it was missing also. *
  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

    Bar was small over all great. Very pleased will order again. *
  • Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint)

    Very disappointed with this product, didn't really expirence the feel or smell of the peppermint or Juniper. *
7 results

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Shampoo + Body Bar (Juniper & Peppermint) 4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.
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