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  • The Dherbs 180 Challenge

    This challenge was great and it showed you how to eat better and how eating better changes your life. *
  • The Dherbs 180 Challenge

    The product and the challenge were excellent. Thank You. *
  • The Dherbs 180 Challenge

    I did the challenge about 3 months ago and it was awesome. I felt GREAT and I also lost 25 pounds. I will be doing this cleanse in a few months again. *
  • The Dherbs 180 Challenge

    This was a well planned challenge. The next one I want to enter! The herbs and experience was tolerable. They definitely set you up to succeed. Support FB group, plus they respond to emails quickly. It's a fun and informative process. You end with a healthier mind and body and feel great that you made the change. The products were great quality. Love it. I'm doing it again! *
  • The Dherbs 180 Challenge

    Tried Dherbs for the first time a few months ago. The very first day was rough but after that I was amazed at how great I felt. It was hard just eating raw food but after a food days it was just fine. I just couldn’t get over how amazing I felt I am ready for my next cleanse and I will order again. *
  • The Dherbs 180 Challenge

    Loved the daily support from the challenge either from the moderators or the other participants. Very nice. *
6 results

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