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Reviews: The Female Cleanse

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The Female Cleanse

by Toni
Before I found this website I was going to inquire about hormonal therapy. The process didn't seem right to me. They basically put fake hormones in your body, as if it wasn't bad enough already, something told me try something natural. I started this cleanse two weeks ago, as my main concern was having prolonged periods of time without a period, and feeling low in energy. I started the cleanse, and within the first five days my period came. The Total Woman Cleanse definitely works. Formula number 1, the hormonal balancer. I didn't lose any weight, so I will be trying the weight release formula next, but Dherbs im glad I found you... Anyone who is new to this site I suggest that you read the articles. I've learned a lot, and I am definitely changing my eating habits. Thanks again Dherbs *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by Shantel
The Total Woman Cleanse really helped to shorten the length and heaviness of my cycle. It also helped to clear up some hormonal acne I was experiencing. An unexpected effect was that it spiritually opened up some feminine energies that were blocked. I definitely recommend this product! *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by jessica
Total Woman Cleanse is a great product! Not only did it give me energy and mental clarity, but it also helped with my cycle, which had gotten a bit heavy. The daily affirmations made me feel more calm, relaxed and in tune with my spirituality. The only negative thing was that because I have super sensitive skin, wearing the magnet irritated me a bit. I will definitely do this one again though. *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by Terri
Thank you for this Total Woman Cleanse. Before I was taking Maca Root and it was not working for me, since I completed the cleanse, my sex drive has increase and I feel more balanced. *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by Imani
I tried this Total Woman Cleanse after so many previous cleanse failure and experience great result. I normally hate swallowing pills but these pills was an easy swallow. This cleanse taught me great discipline as I had to stick to a strict raw food diet regimen for 20 days. It was difficult for me at first, in that I enjoyed eating warm soup during the cold winter but I manage to make it through eating raw food for 20 days. What can I say anything is possible! *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by Vanessa
The total woman cleanse moved me closer to my goal of healing. My cycle is even more manageable and shorter. I noticed a considerable increase in energy using the magnet and have considered using it regularly. Thanks DHerbs. *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by Rochelle
I did the Full Body Detox in May 09 and started the Total Woman Cleanse on the second week of June 09 and completed it this month (July 09). After the Full Body Detox I changed my eating habits so doing this cleanse was a lot easier. My stomach is almost gone and with this I exercise 3-4 days a week which indeed has changed my total look. I am looking forward to the end results of this transformation in the next 4 months. I spread the word everywhere I go concerning your products and how they have changed my mind, body and soul. Keep doing what you do. God Bless! *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by Alicia
This will be my third time using this cleanse to dissolve these fibroids. I didn't get them overnight so I know they won't dissolve overnight but I do feel like they are getting smaller. This is my second time having fibroids. The first time I had surgery to have them removed. This time I want to get rid of them the natural way. Have faith and believe. *
4 / 5

The Female Cleanse

by Larena
This cleanse is great as a hormonal balance and womens health cleanse. I used a plan B pill and felt horrble. This cleanse restored my beauty and feminine quality toxins from the pill eere cleansed from my uterus and vagina I look and feel like a pretty and happy balanced woman. The results of the cleanse are achieved with vegan meals exercise and epson salt baths. *
3 / 5
The Female Cleanse 4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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