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  • The Power of Cleansing (EBook)

    Very informative and gives lots of advice on doing a full body cleanse and all the great benefits from it. The e-book explains why we should cleanse and also provides a food combining chart that can be eaten while on the cleanse. This e-book has helped me to change my diet and not only eat healthier but smarter. *
  • The Power of Cleansing (EBook)

    The Power of Cleansing is more geared for a person who is totally clueless and don't know where to begin. The book will help make you a little more knowledge of the benefits of cleansing. So if you're definitely a novice it probably will be a good read. *
  • The Power of Cleansing (EBook)

    It's very specific but it lacks alternatives for people who can't go all vegan(raw). The book is very informational but it could use a few more alternatives for getting prepared for the raw diet change. It was extremely hard to stick to for myself and other friends I invited to try. *
12 results

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