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Reviews: Thyroid Aid

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  • Thyroid Aid

    I resorted to the thyroid aid because the medication my doctor prescribed was not helping with my thyroid issues/goiter. I noticed once I started taking the thyroid aid I had more energy and felt less depressed. I haven't gained any weight either so I think the thyroid aid may be helping keep my weight under control. I ran out of these vitamins once and definitely felt the difference, and have stayed stocked up ever since. Would and have recommended this product. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I've been taking this for a while and I feel great. The true test is when I take my blood test in this upcoming Saturday. I will post the results!!! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    The thyroid aid formula is working great ! Plus my hair has been growing. I'm going to try and buy more but it's expensive and it cost so much to ship I wish the shipping wasn't so much really. I write a review and you tell a person it isn't long enough who does that a person should be able to write as long as they want. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    The Thyroid Aid is a "life saver"! A friend recommended that I try Thyroid Aid. I decided to give it a try and I am so happy that I did!!!! I have been using the product for over a year and all of my symptoms have either ended or are significantly reduced. I have no more fatigue, the profuse perspiration ended, my skin is no longer dry, and my joints are not weak and achy. Thanks Dherbs!!!!!!!!!!!! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I was having problems with my thyroid. The products seems to help. I am ordering another bottle. Thanks. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    Thyroid Aid is one of my top favs. I've been on it for 5 months and my weight has stabilized, no more ups & downs. I feel more balanced. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I was gaining weight and losing a lot of my hair. I want to thank DHerbs for making the Thyroid Aid. I just finished my 1st bottle today and I'm into my 2nd bottle that I ordered 2 weeks ago. It helped a lot. I'm losing weight as well. I was 160lb and now I'm 135lbs. I have more energy and also helps me control my appetite. I stopped craving fatty foods! It is a great product and perfect to take after doing Full Body Cleanse! I recommend this to anyone. Thanks DHerbs:-) *
  • Thyroid Aid

    My mother had been taking another brand of 'Thyroid Aid' with no results. I have been using pet care products from DHerbs but at that point was unaware that pet care wasn't was this company is truly about... they specialize in human care! So I started my mom on Anti-T and Thyroid Aid formulas in the hopes that these would produce results that my mom just couldn't seem to find elsewhere. Within the FIRST month, this was the first time that we had seen ANY progress. We decided to speed up the process with the 3 week cleanse *
  • Thyroid Aid

    After taking the Thyroid Aid for three months and sticking to a healthy diet I am now completely free of any problems with my thyroid! I highly recommend! *
47 results

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