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Reviews: Thyroid Aid

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  • Thyroid Aid

    It's amazing how quickly my energy normalizes when I take the Thyroid Formula! I take it every day along with the Adrenalizer. Together, these formulas strengthen me and provide me with the stamina and support I need to take on whatever the day brings. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I have had problems losing weight. However, after taking the Thyroid Formula, I am finally able to drop the pounds I need, and I feel so much better. Thank you for such a wonderful product. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    It worked by helping me lose weight and have more energy why did you discontinue the product? *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I have been taking thyroid Aid for 3 weeks now and what a difference. I have more energy, I lost a few pounds and my fingernails are growing plus I am more energized. Thank you Dherbs for your wonderful products. This is the best that I have felt in approximately 2 years. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I'm really happy with this product, since I've been using the Thyroid Aid my thyroid function has noticeably improved. I'm looking forward to continue improvement. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    The Thyroid Aid helped me! It helped me regain some of the energy I had lost and it also helped with my sleep issues!! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    It was working for me and asked if was taking according to the instructions I was retaining a lot of fluid but as soon as I stopped after 2 weeks the bloating went down. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I've been taking Thyroid Aid for over 21 days and I feel so much better. I thought I'd give DHERBS a try. I'm glad I did. Thanks DHERBS *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I purchased the product, along with some other products, right after I finished the FBC. I enjoyed this product, but I didn't use it on a continuous basis. I am sure that if I used it regularly, I would have seen more progress than what I did. Again, Great product, just need to use it steadily. *
55 results

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