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  • Vitamin C

    The Vitamin C Formula is a great natural Vitamin C supplement doesn't upset my stomach at all. *
  • Vitamin C

    This is a real Vitamin C formula. There is no need to settle for ascorbic acid. Thanks to DHERBS, I can take natural vitamin C with all co-factors and components present. *
  • Vitamin C

    The Vitamin C Formula is great. I have used before and was amazed at the "BIG" difference between the "crap" I use to buy at the supermarket and the superb quality of DHERBS. Thanks for the enlightening. *
  • Vitamin C

    I received the vitamin C today and took 3 pills according to instructions on the container. Several hours later I experienced the energy to finish up with my laundry, helped my husband clean the kitchen (as he took 3 pills also when I did) and got onto my iPad and performed several functions. DHerbs I appreciate you guys so much. I have also ordered vitamin A, the greens combo and the vitamin and minerals today. I also had a bad sinus infections for over two weeks and all the medicines I took made it worse until I got a unction from the Holy Spirit to stop taking the medication and slowly but surely it began to get better. When I received the vitamin C that helped a lot and I began to clear up all together sooooooo soon. Praise God for all his herbs in the earth. He mentioned that in HIS WORD about the herb bearing seed. Keep doing what you do guys and thanks so much. *
  • Vitamin C

    Started taking Vitamin C Formula and noticed a big difference in my sleep and energy levels through out the day, great product. *
14 results

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