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Reviews: Weight Release Formula

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  • Weight Release Formula

    This formula worked great. I lost 8 lbs the first month. Also gave me energy. Highly recommended. Today I ordered the Full Body Detox. Can't wait to feel the results. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    This product is great! I was able to decrease my sugar cravings and my energy level is a lot better than before. This formula really works and I would recommend it to anyone. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    This product works great! It really helped control my appetite! *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I have increased energy,decreased appetite and decreased cravings for bread and sugar since using this product.I am sure it has prepared me to now be able to do the full body detox. Great product! *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I have started using this product after I did my first detox in april 2009. I believe that I ordered at least two bottles since then. It helps with the extra weight that you have after the detox and also gives you a very calm feeling .I believe that everyone should have this product in there home. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I always follow up any cleanse with the Weight Release Formula. It helps me maintain my weight reduction. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I actually like this product, I thought it might not work, but I started to see reults.I'm ordering some more as we speak, take this and reduce your food portion,and calorie intake, and you will see results. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    I really like this product. It has helped me change my eating habits alot. *
  • Weight Release Formula

    This weight loss formula is GREAT!!! I noticed my appetite was suppressed when I took these before breakfast. It helped maintain my weight as well!!! Thank you once again Dherbs!!! *
69 results

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