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Reviews: Weight Release Tea

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  • Weight Release Tea

    The weight release tea was great, tasty and easy too prepare. The tea helped me to sleep, and calmed my body after a long day. The tea was a great value for the price and helped me continue with my weight loss program. I will continue to use the tea as part of my daily regimen to reach my goals for my weight loss program. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I give the weight release tea five stars. I have been dealing with stomach bloating for years. I started drinking the tea and next day I felt less bloating. Each day flowing the start of the tea it was a major difference. Not only did my bloating get relieved but I lost 10 lbs. I reordered the weight release tea and currently drink it everyday. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I love this product, it curbs my appetite and helps with my energy along with boosting my metabolism. This product helps flush the fluid in my body and takes the fluid out. I am really enjoying this product along with the full body cleanse tea and detox formula. I drink 1 cup each day and love it. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    This tea is wonderful to have. You eliminate a lot of waste and I have lost 30 pounds. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I first tried the Weight Release Tea while on the Full Body Cleanse. I absolutely love that it is 100% natural. This tea helped to curb my appetite, assisted in maintaining a healthy bowel movement. It also added a little pep in my step! Overall, the Weight Release Tea is very therapeutic and effective. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a pure, all-natural, and potent tea! *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I absolutely love this tea. I add lemon and honey and have about two cups a day. I'll be ordering more so that I don't run out. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The only product that I have ever used that truly delivers expected weight loss. I am a walking bill board for Dherbs. Healthy chin to boot and maximum energy. I have moved from 225 lbs to 155 I will be doing a cleanse next to get to 140 lbs. But it feels great to be looking young and sexy at 59. I simply can’t recall being so thin and healthy at the same time. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Great taste does what it promised. I would order it again. I am about to order again soon. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    This tea has helped me lose weight & the taste was amazing! I am definitely going to order it again! I would recommend this tea to anyone who had doubts about a weight loss tea. You don’t feel bloated after drinking it & I don’t add any sugars in it because the natural taste is amazing. I’m going to order the 10 day body cleanse and also drink the tea I can’t wait to see more weight loss results :) *
111 results

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Weight Release Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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