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Reviews: Weight Release Tea

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  • Weight Release Tea

    I love this Weight Release Tea. I drink it every morning. It not only gives me energy, it also supports my weight loss goals. The best part is the tea never makes me feel jittery. I do not have to add anything to the tea to make it taste good, it already has a perfect flavor. In addition, it has a very pleasant scent that gives me a little aromatherapy pick me up in the morning. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Great product!!! Taste is satisfying, i drink mines with nothing added. I drink this tea along with the weight release formula pills and so far i am very satisfied with how it makes me feel full and I dont eat as much. Great job dherbs im a satisfied customer! *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The weight release tea is excellent whether combined with any cleanse or on its own. My 1st experience from smell to taste was very welcoming. The peppermint is a very refreshing taste in the tea. I love drinking this daily for it's benefits in my healthy natural weight loss goals. It's helped me lower my appetite and more importantly lose weight. It's definitely a great product and I will continue to keep ordering it. Love the fact that these are natural herbs helping to regulate my metabolism. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    This stuff is great and a must have in conjunction with the total body cleanse. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I am very impressed!! This tea is working very well to help with my weight release goals. It really helps my food digestion, bowel regularity, and flattening my stomach! *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Great taste, easy to use. Helped with my weight loss while using both the 10-day and full cleanse. I’d use it by itself to maintain weight. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Delicious without any sweetener and gentle. My new favorite tea!! *
  • Weight Release Tea

    This tea is awesome. It definitely moves the bowels in a good way. I wasn't constantly running to the toilet but when I did go it was a good bowel movement. I definitely recommend this tea. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I absolutely love this tea! I don't know if it's doing anything for me health wise but I love the taste and the smell of it. *
111 results

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Weight Release Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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