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Reviews: Yoni Cleanser

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  • Yoni Cleanser

    It helps with my cycle each month. I started having really bad cramping and I had never had it before and after I started taking this they stopped two months later. It is a life saver. It also helps with limiting the amount of time your cycle lasts. My cycle went from seven days to four days. I'm trying to do better with my health and my body so I am using herbs to get my body back to where it needs to be. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    The Yoni Cleanser is great. I've been taking it for about 3 weeks and noticed a change after the first 2 days of taking it. I really felt the cleansing action working. I was a little concerned at first but after day 3 my yoni felt refreshed. My cycle just ended and I did not have any of the PMS issues that I would normally have, irritability, bad cramps, headaches, etc. I really love all of the DHerbs products that I have tried so far. Well next month I start the Full Body Cleanse and will be incorporating a few additional products such as the Yoni Cleanser. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I read all articles and felt so down like never before. But we worked through it and yesterday I was normal. I am healthy again. This past year I took ANTI-V formula and YONI Cleanser for 6 months. I also DETOX to clean out my system. I found all this at Dherbs. This website gave me hope. I am so happy!!! I know that nature can help you with any problem, give it a try because your life is worth it. Thanks, Dherbs *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I have used other products but this Yoni Formula is the best. The PMS symptoms are virtually ALL gone by taking Yoni (i.e., breast tenderness, sweet cravings, crankiness). This will be a standard in my herbal regimen. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I felt the difference after a couple of days using Yoni formaula. Balancing and cleansing. Will continue to use and recommend to my friends. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I have had vaginal odor and after using the Yoni Formula for about 3 weeks, it went away! No more weird smell. I really appreciate the all natural products without additives. Thank you! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    I've been using the Yoni Cleanser for the past two months and my periods are much lighter and I have less cramping! Love it! *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    The Yoni formula helped me with my monthly cramping. Usually I would be in bed for the first day or two but after taking the yoni formula there wasn't as much pain and I was able to be more mobile. *
  • Yoni Cleanser

    The Yoni Formula is a very good product I would recommend it to any woman! *
82 results

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Yoni Cleanser 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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