Sugar Formula
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Sugar Formula

An herbal supplement intended to help lessen cravings for sugar and other complex carbohydrates, and to assist in controlling perceived need for unhealthy sweeteners.*

  • Contains plants that help to control unnatural cravings*
  • Works to eliminate the addiction to man-made sugars including high fructose corn syrup*
  • Helps support blood sugar levels already in the normal range *

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Sugar Formula is formulated with a beneficial combination of botanicals specially chosen to help maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range, as well as helping to reduce your cravings for unhealthy processed sugars and artificial sweeteners (including high-fructose corn syrup, refined white sugar, and chemical-laden artificial sweetener).* (100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

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How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

Children (under 12): Take 1 capsule daily.

  • Shandora
    I use to crave sugar all the time. I saw this Sugar Formula & figured I should try it to see if it actually works. So I bought 1 bottle & noticed that it really helped me not crave sugary stuff as much. So I put it on auto delivery for every month. I’m glad I made this purchase. *
  • Selenia
    Omg I really can't believe how this sugar formula works. I noticed i don't want to drink BEER anymore, and I've been trying for years to stop drinking. And I have been addicted to Ben & Jerry's ice cream and don't want it anymore. I'm so happy. *
  • Celia
    It's almost unreal how spot on this formula is. I don't even look at sweets and candy the same way. I had huge craving for candy and cookies which trickled down to my 5 kids. So when I get candy, they got candy. Since starting this formula, I didn't even realize my craving had been curved until I caught myself walking out the store without a bag of sweets! I believe its aiding in my new weight loss also. *
  • Kimberly
    I don't have the sugar cravings as much, and I eat less. I think the product is great! *
  • Kevin
    For years I’ve been looking for a product that can successfully help with my sucrose intolerance. I’ve tried everything imaginable and so far Dherbs Sugar Formula is the most helpful product I’ve used. It’s honest, no “fancy gimmicks” and gets the job done. Thanks a lot Dherbs! *
  • Douglas
    The sugar formula is everything it says it is. It has actually lowered my A1C numbers. *
  • Rena
    This Sugar Formula is wonderful. Without it, I generally find myself searching for sugary snacks throughout the day, especially when bored and/or tired at work. These capsules have effectively eliminated all urges for sugar. I don't even think about it. Its amazing! Thanks for making such a great product!! I'm recommending it to all my friends/family who struggle with sweets cravings. *
  • Laverne
    It's been awhile since I've ordered this definitely curbs that sweet tooth attack!!! I'm getting back on track to have this Sugar Formula assist me to lose my weight. I had surgery at the end of January 2020, have been recovering for the last 6 months...due to not exercising, I've gained unwanted pounds. Looking forward to moving forward, and getting healthier!!! *
  • Shay
    Let me start by sharing prior to starting the Sugar Formula along with my other Dherbs products I would crave Reese’s peanut butter cups and eat them by the little unwrapped bags!!! Desserts and anything chocolate or sweet was a daily craving for me. Seriously by day 2, I noticed the sensation or craving was deteriorating. I was amazed!! I almost found myself trying to eat the sweets out of habit but my body just would not accept it. I started with the recommended raw vegan diet and my body never felt better after just the first week. I remember my daughters birthday I tried to eat just a small piece of her cake and it was just not good at all to me. I just placed my 2nd full order to start my 2nd month. It has been a lifestyle change for me and the results are amazing. It’s not just the inches melting away but my energy levels are up, and I am no longer eating meat. I feel wonderful!! Eternally grateful for the new path Dherbs helped me begin. It’s my new lifestyle.....a New me!! *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
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