Woman's Choice
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Woman's Choice

Wild Yam Root herb has been used for centuries by Native American women.*

  • 100% Mexican Wild Yam Root*
  • Helps to maintain normal menstrual cycle*

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Woman's Choice is formulated with the most amazing plant used for female health purposes – Mexican Wild Yam Root, used by Native American women for centuries.*

The wonderful thing about Wild Yam Root is that it does not pollute the body and cause harm to the body and no studies exist to prove otherwise.*

Also, you don’t have to perform a cleanse after its use when you decide to conceive a child.*

The formula must be taken religiously. It takes approximately 7-weeks for the herbs to take effect.

Does not protect against STDs.* (200 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

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How To Use

Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adult Females: Take 7 capsules daily once a day.

  • Christine
  • Nakesha
    Noticed a big different PMS was a so easy. PMS is so bad for me I've asked my doctor for a hysterectomy and I don't have children. But I took this for a month and no mood swings, cravings weren't as bad and no cramps. I will use this again! Hopefully I can get pregnant! I think it works better base on what you eat. *
  • Raven
    Baby, when I tell you this is everything to me! I personally do not take it everything I’ll take it the week of and it definitely works like charm even if I forget to take it I’ll take it the next day and wow! It also regulates my PMS symptoms. I have less cramps and my cycle is back to 2 to 3 days. Thank You Dherbs! *
  • Kaorra
    I ordered this to replace birth control I took for acne. It has worked really well! It's a lot of pills but since I'm used to taking a few Dherbs products daily so not that big of a deal. Not sure how it does to prevent pregnancy, as I took for hormonal acne control. *
  • Samara
    I have been using this for about 5 months now. It's wonderful. I haven't had any problem like I had with other birth controls and it's very effective !!! No babies lol.... natural and I love it !!!! *
  • Latisha
    I've been using Dherbs Woman's Choice for 7 months. I like the fact it's all natural. No side effects. Oh and I didn't get pregnant. Recommend using if you don't like all the harsh drugs and side effects from other types of birth control. *
  • Brianna
    This product has aided in stopping the spotting I had in between periods! Also I feel little to no cramping. Definitely will keep this as a monthly use. *
  • Latasha
    I was very pleased with this product! After doing much research I found this to be very beneficiary for me. I had no side affects using the product and will continue to use. Thank you DHerbs for making this available! *
  • Christine
    I have been unable, for years, to take hormonal contraceptives. Weight gain, horrible nausea, and constant bloating. I tried this back in the early part of the fall season. Not only has is been SUCCESSFUL in preventing pregnancy, I feel no nausea or bloating. I even mentioned it to my doctor when she tried to prescribe birth control. Very thankful for herbal remedy! *
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