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We always recommend doing The Full Body Cleanse first to get your overall health into a better place, your body is always more receptive to healing when it's in a healthier state. You should do the Nerve Cleanse and Regimen to specifically help bring recovery to your nerves. After cleansing we suggest continuing with the Nerves Formula and the Central Nervous System supplement. If you're looking for a supplement to assist with pain we suggest trying the Headache and Pain Formula.

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Full Body Cleanse - http://dherbs.com/store/full-body-cleanse-p-1.html

Nerve Cleanse & Regiment - http://dherbs.com/store/nerves-cleanse-regiment-p-486.html

Central Nervous System Formula - http://dherbs.com/store/central-nervous-system-p-17.html

Nerves Formula - http://www.dherbs.com/store/nerves-formula-p-51.html

Headache and Pain Formula -http://www.dherbs.com/store/headache-and-pain-formula-p-34.html
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