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You stated that are having issues with your cardio and liver (ie.,Hep A) functions along with some other things that are causing you to have pains in your legs. The issues that you are currently dealing with in your physical body can best be addressed by doing a Full Body Cleanse. I highly recommend this cleanse for people who are suffering from multiple sources of degeneration of the body. This is a complete cleanse for your body as a whole and will jump start you on a path to regaining your health. Let me also say, that pains in the body are signals that things are not well on a deeper level. And you must listen to your body and give it some relief from the things that you were doing to bring it to pain in the first place. Changes are necessary if your are to expect different results from your current situation. In addition to the Full Body Cleanse, I can also recommend our Headache And Pain Formula to help you deal with the pains you are having in your legs. You can find more detailed product information on the website via Articles and Online Store. I hope these suggestions help you to make some good choices about what steps you can take to begin your journey of building your personal health! Articles: "Hepatitis", "Heart Problems".

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