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Skepticism only leads to being more skeptical. Healing too, like religion, requires faith (that one can and will heal). In re my website, I promise no cures as only God and the human body (of the
individual) can cure. I can only assist in helping one to heal. Healing is wholistic, and involves the mind-body-spirit and the most important aspect of healing is the mental aspect for all disease
begins in the mind just as all healing does.
The FDA cannot interfere with natural healing as long as individuals do not use misleading terms and phrases, e.g. curing disease, treating disease, diagnosing disease, etc.
I offer no refunds because of knowing how many people's feeble mind prevents them from healing coupled by them not doing everything that is required to heal and who if they decide to quit won't
hesitate asking for a refund and then I end up the loser in the end because of someone with a loser (and quitter) mentality.
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