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I've used your Full Body Cleanse, and continue to do so several times a year... It's amazing, thank you! I just read your March Newsletter and the "Question of the Month" was about head injuries & looking at your recommendations (Nerve Formula, Central Nervous System Formula, etc.), I'd like to know if this is something you would recommend for my brother. He recently had his second stroke about 7 months ago, lives in Dominican Republic, isn't getting the proper care and therapy, due to financial reasons. After the 1st stroke he was doing well, walking with a limp, didn't have use of his right arm, partial use of right leg, was learning to talk again. He progressed a lot. After the 2nd stroke he was bed-ridden, wearing diapers, couldn't swallow he was like a baby again. Now he's saying words, he's walking with a cane (very slowly); he's going to the bathroom on his own. He's slowly progressing. I live in CA & I was in Dominican Republic this past Christmas. It breaks my heart to see my brother this way. He's only 48 yrs old. I'd love to send him your products if they would help & not interfere with any medications he's taking. High Blood Pressure & Heart Disease run in my family. I strongly believe in your products, and at this point my brother needs a miracle. We stay positive. Another brother of mine takes care of him & is very positive. I have faith that he can heal quicker and enjoy life for many more years. So please advise what you'd recommend. Thank you so much for your time. Peace & Blessings

Our products will greatly help your brother but they will interfere with the medication that will cause more strokes in your brother because all medications are poisons - PERIOD! Herbs will fight against those poisons so as to heal him. Should you choose herbs from Dherbs, I recommend Cerebrovascular formula, Circulation Aid formula, Veins Formula, and Central Nervous System formula. There is healing for your brother!

Central Nervous System
Circulation Aid
Veins Formula

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