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Your main aim should be to release weight. Obesity is your major problem.

If you are afraid of performing the Full Body Detox, how can I help you? Fear shuts the body down, so why
even bother taking something natural that will help you. People are afraid of the wrong things. You should be afraid of taking all of those drugs which can kill you. Read my article "Iatrogenics." Drugs can't help you because your body is organic and not made up of drugs, so in reality, you're only poisoning
yourself. If you are thinking about performing the Full Body Detox and still taking drugs while doing so, don't
bother! Don't waste your money! It defeats the whole purpose to take drugs and herbs simultaneously. Herbs heal and cleanse, drugs pollute.

Fear results from ignorance. Educate yourself about herbs. Read our free articles.
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Vegan Berry Powder Mix