Q: I would like to know if any of your supplements would help me with these brown blotches on my face, I have had them : Dherbs, Herbal Formulas

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Don't look to a product to solve your problem, only to help you. Healing is wholistic and you must take wholistic measures to heal. You must change your diet, lifestyle, attitude, thought process, etc. Detoxifying the body is the key! Perform the Full Body Cleanse for 3-weeks. Start here. Know that any skin disease is a blood disease, so concentrate on cleansing your blood (even after detoxing). I don't know how many bottles you will need to get rid of your problem (nature doesn't work like this), just keep performing the cleanse and monitoring your progress. Detox as much as you can tolerate (perhaps every 2 months). Incorporate herbs into your diet after you finish detoxing (i.e. Blood & Lymphatic, VVitamin C, Electric Greens Combo). Please read as many of our free articles as possible

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