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Will I be using the bathroom (defecating/urinating) throughout the day?

No! Herbal formulas that stimulate peristalsis (bowel movement)are usually the last formulas of the day that you will take during any one of our cleanses, be it Full Body Cleanse, Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen, Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen, The Female Cleanse, The Male Cleanse, Uterus Cleanse, Fibriod Buster Cleanse And Regime, etc.

Will I have to stay near a restroom while detoxing or performing one of the other kits?

Of course not! The formulas responsible for elimination via urination and defecation are the ones you'll take late in the evening while you're at home, or if you work nights, they are formulas you'll take upon soon getting home.

What can I expect while on the cleanse?

You can expect benefit! Many things can happen. Go into your cleanse thinking positive things and you will attract positive things and a positive result.

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