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Glad to hear of your success with the Full Body Cleanse! In re: fertility drugs, don't take our herbs if you are planning to take drugs because you'd be wasting your money. How can man make a fertility drug when God didn't make NO PART of your body with drugs? Drugs are toxic and do you think you can have a healthy baby using toxins? How can poisons make one become fertile? Fertility lies in diet (fruits, herbs), thought process, attitude, and lifestyle. Have you read our "Impotence, Infertility, and Sterility" article? If not, please give it a read, Beloved! To take drugs after DE-TOXING defeats the whole purpose. Check out our: The Female Cleanse and Uterus Cleanse for infertility and PCOS and check out Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen for the weight problem.

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