Q: On May 10th 2003, I was attacked while on my job and I suffered injuries to the lumbar and to the cervical spine. I was : Dherbs, Herbal Formulas

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On May 10th 2003, I was attacked while on my job and I suffered injuries to the lumbar and to the cervical spine. I was given pain management therapy (cortizone) in massive doses; about 18+ injections over a 3-week period in October of the same year. By Thanksgiving, 2003, I was admitted into hospital with blood sugar levels of 800+! While thyroid issues have exhibited in the family, there is no history of diabetes on either the maternal or paternal sides of my family, neither is there any sign of the disease in any of my other 11 siblings, the youngest of which is 40+. At one point, the symptoms of the diabetes disappeared for 2 years, and reappeared in January of 2007. I am not overweight, nor do I have excessive body fat. I work out every day with weights, and have the appearance of a body builder, although not excessive. I walk about 3-5 miles every day and have consistently low blood pressure levels, much to the surprise of my doctors. I have and excellent diet; mostly consisting of fresh vegetables and skinless broiled chicken and fish. Some beef with the marble trimmed. I have a normal stool consisting of solid waste, and regularly. I have long suggested that my pancreatic duct(s) are blocked and after reading some of the literature on your website, I am even surer of it. Although the levels lately are starting to stabilize again, I am taking this synthetic insulin, about 3-4 units in the mornings, and before dinner, and about 10-16 units of the overnight insulin. Being well muscled, and not overweight therefore not needing to lose weight, and being totally active, what are my options in assisting me to unblock the pancreatic ducts of what I believe to be the cortisone, as I have spoken to others with the same situation, so that my pancreas may better function? I have also read about some of the other products that may be helpful. I look forward to your response, as I have heard your commercial on KJLH radio.

Sounds like you need to perform the Full Body Cleanse and Pancreas Cleanse And Regimen to kick start your pancreas into activity. Also, practice some of the other regimens I listed in the "Diabetes" article (especially drinking the vegetable juice).

Full Body Cleanse
Pancreas Cleanse
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