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Lyme disease is an acute, recurrent inflammatory infection, transmitted by a tick-borne spirochete, Barriela burgdorferi. Knees, other large joints, and temporomandibular joints are most commonly involved, with local inflammation and swelling. Chills, fever, headache, malaise, and erythema chronicum migrans (ECM), an expanding annular, erythematous skin eruption, often precede the joint manifestations. Occasionally cardiac condition abnormalities, aseptic meningitis, and Bell's Palsy are associated conditions. Recommendation: Perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen, followed by the 10 Day Blood Cleanse respectively. While performing these cleanses, perform the "Sea Salt Soak" (see our article by the same title located in our articles section on our website). You may want to add a few drops of Lice And Mite Buster into the bath water (which is perfectly safe). After bathing, apply Face and Body Oil to the skin of the body. Repeat the above process as much as needed to heal from the condition. Please read our Mental Science Manual to keep a positive and healthy mindset and attitude while in the process of healing. You can heal!

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Face and Body Oil (8 oz)
10 Day Blood Cleanse
Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

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