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Four ways to lower both cholesterol and fat in your blood.

1: Reduce animal products to a minimum in your diet. Artery clogging saturated fat and cholesterol are mainly found in animal based foods. Anytime you replace an animal food for a plant based food you increase your chances to lower fat in blood and lower cholesterol.

2: Exercise daily. Your lymph system pumps blood and removes fat, bile, and toxins from your system. A mini trampoline is one of the highest recommended exercises to get the lymph system pumping. 15 minutes on a mini trampoline has the same effect as half hour of cardio as far as lymph systems are concerned.

3: Doing a detox program such as the full body cleanse from Dherbs.com. It is a proven system coupled with a raw food eating plan that will clean your system out and you will feel like new.

4: Adhere to a low fat - high raw vegan diet. Literally no cholesterol at all and if you keep your fat intake low you will reduce and remove both of your issues. Average cholesterol for omnivores is 190. Vegetarians 160. Vegans 130.

5: Take The Vegan Effect health coaching program. www.theveganeffect.com. It's a six month health course that will correct both of those issues rapidly. Contact me and my team at our website and get a free 1 hour consultation over google hangouts or skype.
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