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I recommend Iodine Phosphate, Thyroid Aid formula, and Electric Greens Combo! Start eating a lot of sea weeds too (found at your health food store). They are rich in iodine.

Electric Greens Combo
Thyroid Aid

The cleanses are only designed for the consumption of one. Unfortunately it is not enough for two. You won't be able to reap all the benefits from the cleanse if it's split for two. Please read "How To Take Herbs".

Your vagina could be burning after sex due to lack of vaginal lubrication, STD that you are unaware of, etc. Cranberry Juice (unsweetened) is good for urinary tract infections and healing STDs. Please read "Vaginal Dryness".

The contents of the kit are listed on the Parasite and Worm kit section on our site. It's right there! You can't miss it! We suggest everyone (regardless of their dietary status) use the kit for the full or entire 3-week period.

ParaWrm Formula
ParaWrm Cleanse

I would suggest you start off with the Full Body Detox and after the Full Body Detox you can utilize the Fibroid Buster formula as a daily maintenance formula until you perform the Full Body Detox again or the Fibroid Buster 3-week regimen. Time frame? Read our article "When Will I see Results." Please know your tumors can shrink naturally.

Full Body Cleanse
Uterus Formula
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Uterus Cleanse

Glad you enjoyed the "Vinegar" article. I don't recommend vinegar on the skin. However, a little inn bath water won't hurt (say about half a cup). I recommend Oz-Oil for the skin. Oxygen is what the skin needs.

Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

You are too acidic and the Body Intelligence is rejecting the acid for your own good. You cannot stop it from coming back up nor should you want to. The proper thing to do is to stop eating acid-forming foods which is the real problem. Acid-forming foods include all meats, all dairy products, all processed food-stuffs, soda pop, coffee, wine, pastries, refined grains, anything processed and refined. Eat more raw, organic fruits and vegetables (especially green vegetables) for they are alkaline which counteracts acidity. Our Electric Greens formula does the same thing.

Electric Greens Combo

No medicine is good for you. Medicine (pharma-drugs) do not do anything positive. I recommend you try our Iodine Phosphate formula and Thyroid Aid formula for your condition. I cannot guarantee you anything because I don't know how you will be thinking, what your attitude about healing is, what your diet is, how you live, and what your environment is like. But thyroid problems are usually caused by iodine deficiencies and our formulas help most people with this condition. Try it just like you gave the drugs a try.

Thyroid Aid

Yes! You would be wise to stop using Vaseline which is nothing but congealed petroleum (mineral oil). This crap has no business on the human body. It's toxic! It prevents the pores of the skin from breathing. Discard it! Instead, use Un-Petroleum, a safe alternative.

I think you know the answer for yourself. Therefore, stop eating the coconut oil. Take some vitamins and minerals and see if this helps. Sounds like PICA, a nutritional deficiency which causes cravings. Blood loss most certainly will cause loss of nutrients.

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

Yes, it's safe! A good tea that helps you lose weight by working on your metabolism. However, weight loss does not come from drinking tea so it won't be naturally lost due to drinking tea. Weight loss must become weight release and must be a wholistic approach.

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