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You can still consume the herbs even if it's been a long time after purchasing them. Herbs don't usually have a time expiration on them. They do become less potent as time goes on, but they're still effective.

We recommend Dherbs Blood and Lymphatic formula and the Full Body Cleanse. Individual herbs that are good include ECHINACEA, GOLDENSEAL, PAU DARCO, and CHAPARRAL.

Full Body Cleanse
Blood & Lymphatic

The Full Body Cleanse helps with everything! Also, check out our post-cleanse recommendation whereby we recommend certain formulas for maintenance.  You may want to consider: CARDIOVASCULAR FORMULA, CHOLESTEROL FORMULA, PANCREAS FORMULA, and BOWEL MOTION formulas for post-cleanse maintenance!

Full Body Cleanse
Bowel Motion
Cholesterol Formula
Pancreas Formula

You can do the Full Body Cleanse 2-4 times per year (every 3-4 months)! You can perform the Female Cleanse at least once yearly (or as many times as you like, really). All of our kits can help you attain the health anf full body wellness you desire. Always start off with the Full Body Cleanse and then select the next kit you feel is right for you and your needs.

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse

The 20 day Anti-V Cleanse is recommended. There is no time frame with healing. Every "body" is different. We can't speak on behalf of you or anyone else's body and tell you anything about YOUR body. It'll take however long necessary to get the healing done. 

Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

Try Joint Aid, Alkaline Formula, Electric Greens, and MSM Sulfur for the bone spurs. For anxiety, try Nerves formula and one of our Inhalers (the appropriate one for your anxiety). Read up on the inhalers so you will choose the best one for yourself.

Electric Greens Combo
Joint Aid
MSM Sulfur
Nerve Formula

Take the formulas about 2-3 hours apart. However, if you really want to (only for convenience purposes), you can take the formulas together.

Yes, give the Male Cleanse a try, followed by our Prostate Formula. These will greatly help your condition.

Prostate Formula
The Male Cleanse

Coffee enemas are one of the best remedies for any liver disease. You may perform coffee enemies weekly (twice a week) to help your condition. Also, take 3 capsules of our Liver Formula 4 times a day and drink lemon water (water with lemon juice squeezed in it). If you really want to accelerate healing, perform our Full Body Cleanse and perform those enemas while doing the cleanse.

Full Body Cleanse
Liver, Spleen & Gallbladder

Yes, you can take the Anti-Viral for a certain length of time and test negative via a doctor's test. The best way to go about receiving such results (in 6 weeks) is to first perform the Full Body Cleanse. After the Full Body Cleanse, jump right on the Anti-Viral Kit and Regimen. Perform the baths recommended in the Full Body Cleanse Companion. Also, Drink Anti-Viral Tea during both Full Body Cleanse and Anti-Viral kits to receive the best results. Make sure you go get tested within a day of finished the Anti-Viral kit and regimen.

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Formula
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Anti-V Tea

The cleanse doesn't usually interfere with your regularity schedule. You can take it right away. We highly recommend you should quit smoking, as your are inundating your body with dangerous toxins.  To smoke while cleansing would defeat the whole purposes of cleansing. 

Check out our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook) manual and look under MEAT ALTERNATIVES! There are many tofu brands that are safe and beneficial.

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

In re your inquiry, you don't have to take any parasite herbs. Just go to your herbal prenatal. Take the following formulas for the FIRST TRIMESTER in order to optimize your pregnancy. Pre-Natal Formula (3 capsules) Iodine Formula (3 capsules) Electric Greens (3 capusles) Vitamin C (3 capsules)  

Electric Greens Combo
Vitamin C

First, detoxify your body with the Full Body Cleanse. After this, take 3 capsules (3-4 times daily) of our Smoke-Less (Anti-Smoking) Formula. We also highly recommend taking Activated Charcoal (every night) and drinking Licorice tea daily (as well as Lobelia tea.

Full Body Cleanse
Smoke-Less Formula
Activated Charcoal

Jackrabbit Formula is more aphrodisiacal and Male Hormonal is more hormonal in nature. They are formulated differently though they contain many similar ingredients.

Male Hormonal Formula

For melanin consciousness, eat all natural foods (fruits and vegetables), especially all green-colored plants that you like to eat. get plenty of nutritional copper (mineral) as well. Make sure you are sleep between the hours of 12 a.m. - 4 a.m when you pineal gland is secreting most of your melatonin which is very anti-aging in nature. Simply eat ALKALINE (raw fruits and vegetables) and this alone will combat mucus and prevent mucus buildup. Mucus comes from cooking food and eating unnatural things, like meat and dairy products and other refined things (i.e. refined bread, pastries).
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Zinc Formula