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Reviews: Eye Tea

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  • Eye Tea

    I would like to give this a 5 star review but I only purchased this twice,i.e months apart and shared it with my 13 yr old sun and husband. My sun who wears lens said to me that he thinks its working but we haven't drank enough to be absolutely sure of its efficacy. However I must say that the taste is pleasing to the buds and since my sun needs it I will be purchasing more and at a greater quantity. I must also state that I purchased the LYMPH CLEANSE tea and it worked me over. I didn't realize that I "shouldn't" take it at bedtime simply because it disturbed my sleep wit the intermittent urination, yet this is another tea that I would recommend. The "Hair Skin and Nails" Tea seems to be effective as well..since I started drinking it I noticed a growth spurt in my nails. Overall I'd say that these TEAS are of a high quality and I would recommend them to others. Your Ordering and Delivery Process is excellent...no hassle at all. Such service is enough to make me a repeat customer. Overall a pleasant experience dealing with DHerbs. *
  • Eye Tea

    The tea taste wonderful! I recommend this tea to anyone who wants to improve their eye site. *
  • Eye Tea

    I bought two bags of the Eye Tea and also have been taking the Eye Formula. And lately I have been able to read a book, and work on the computer sometimes without my glasses. Something that I have never been able to do. I also have glaucoma and due for an eye appointment; so hopefully the pressure in my eyes are normal as I got off of my prescription meds to try this product. *
  • Eye Tea

    The Eye tea, I really enjoyed it. I will be ordering more. *
  • Eye Tea

    I drank Eye Aid Tea for several weeks and found the product to be superb. I have great eye challenges and together with the eye formula the weakened eye muscles that threatens my vision was much improved and my eyelids were less drooping. Thanks for providing these potent products. *
  • Eye Tea

    My mother noticed results a week after using this tea in conjunction with the eye formula. After using these products, she could watch television without having to use her glasses for the first time in a long time. It works very well. *
  • Eye Tea

    The eye tea helps me see better. I could not believe it! Thank you for making it. *
  • Eye Tea

    I work on the computer all day, my eyes are always tired and sore, since I have been drinking the eye tea, I am able to focus more in the after noon when my eyes are tired. I drink a cup for lunch, to help with the afternoon hours. Also, the tea taste great, no sugar or anything needed, just drink as is. *
  • Eye Tea

    IT'S WELL blend meaning all the ingredients the tea itself relaxed me I really enjoyed. The eye tea I actually felt the eye tea working. It does what it was prepared to do. I will purchase the product again. THANK YOU DHERBS. FINE TEA. *
17 results

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Eye Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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