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Reviews: Hair & Scalp Oil

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  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    I love the Hair & Scalp Oil. It really works well with my natural hair. It's not too oily. It's perfect:) *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    The Hair & Scalp Oil is the best hair oil I'd ever used. I apply and massage the oil into my hair and scalp 3 or more hours before shampooing my hair and I have silky healthy hair. Thanks for another good product Dherbs! *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    The good thing about the Hair & Scalp Oil is that a little goes a long way. It does everything it says it and I was pleasantly surprised that its spicy-sweet fragrance provides mild aromatherapy. *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    The hair and scalp oil is an excellent product! A little does go a long way and my hair dresser noticed a difference in my hair and now SHE uses it! Although I liked the first formula better this new formula is also good. *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    I love Dherbs hair oil. It keeps my scalp healthy and dandruff free. *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    Love this Hair Oil, it made my hair feel so soft, strong and healthy. This is the only hair oil to buy. Plus it was not greasy. *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    Blessings and Greeting! I have just finished using your Hair Oil which lasted me for 3 months! I have gotten so many compliments on how good my hair looks and how much it has grown! I just recently purchased a bottle for a friend and I know it will do wonders for her. Thanks and continue the excellent work! *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    The Hair Oil keeps my hair healthy looking while leaving no greasy feel whatsoever. Love it! *
  • Hair & Scalp Oil

    I've been using the Hair Oil for about two months now, it's Great! My edges were thin and I can tell how the Hair Oil has helped naturally thicken them up. I strongly recommend! *
52 results

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Hair & Scalp Oil 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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