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Reviews: Joint Aid

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  • Joint Aid

    I have used the Joint Formula and it has helped me. This is a great product. *
  • Joint Aid

    I ordered this formula last month for my mother who had serious problems walking for two months. I read your article on the subject (thanks for the great info). I informed my mom of some necessary changes and ordered this formula. She had tried other products but they did not work. This product was the only thing that helped her problem. I salute you once again for being a educator on health. I have recommended this product to everyone I know. Peace *
  • Joint Aid

    I ordered the Joint Formula and began to take it after my physical therapy treatments. It has helped me to recover a lot sooner than the therapist anticipated. Thanks DHERBS. *
  • Joint Aid

    I started taking the Joint Aid within a few days. It relieved my knee of the issue that occurred when my knee popped which caused me to buckle down to the ground. I also made the joint tea from the Full Body Cleanse companion booklet, and I was able to feel the differences within a two weeks. Thanks for another great product. *
  • Joint Aid

    I began taking the Joint aid after I began having an issue with my knees. I feel better now. *
  • Joint Aid

    I highly recommend DHERBS Joint Formula! Due to my using the computer everyday at work, my right wrist became stiff and soar, it also helped my aching knees, from an old basketball injury! *
  • Joint Aid

    My work (as of right now) requires me to move my arms around alot and lift fairly heavy things. My shoulders actually started to be in pain, so I copped some of this. Pain went away in a few days, and with consistant use(2-3 months), hasn't even come back... and I'm not even taking the product anymore. XD *
  • Joint Aid

    Let me tell you I have been meaning to write this review for the past 2 to 3 weeks ago. I took this joint formula and after awhile began jogging. Pretty good. Granted I did change my eating habits. Pretty much no pain. So once I ran out I was like let me see how well this product has worked. Well needless to say I feel all the discomfort I remember having before I took joint formula. So "viola" my own personal science experiment to prove to myself. *
  • Joint Aid

    My husband really likes this product. Began to feel better shortly after starting the pills. *
39 results

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Joint Aid 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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