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Reviews: Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

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  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    The Dherbs Weight Release Cleanse was great. I actually did lose weight and drop one shirt size from a 19 shirt to a size 18 shirt I will be doing it again. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    The best idea for cleansing and weight loss. The body holds onto toxins in all body parts. This cleanse releases those impurities which results in weight loss in the most hard to reach areas such as arms thighs and back. Awesome product. This system promotes a healthy weight loss and increases your chances to release even after the system is over. It will inspire you to keep going while motivating you during the increased energy. Wow. It helps the skin color and texture also. You have more confidence and feel more alert and healthy while glowing right before Your very own eyes. Oh yes... The lumps and bumps of acne is almost non existent. I'm so glad I did it. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I followed the regimen to the T. I lost 14 pounds. Great cleanse with excellent results. Definitely will use again. I feel great! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I lost 8 pounds in 2 days!! I would have lost more if I had stuck to the program. Great product! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I followed the recommended way to use Weight Release Cleanse, drank plenty of water, and when I was done, I had lost over 5 lbs. For me that is great, since I am vertically challenged (4'9"). I highly recommend this product. This is the 3rd time I had ordered from Dherbs and really like the products. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    This is a great product. It really boosts my energy so I am able to perform more activities throughout the day. The colon cleanser is great as well. It is very smooth and easy on my stomach, which very helpful and joyful. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I lost 12 pounds within 20 days. And my cravings for bad foods went away even after the product. This was great!! Would definitely do again!! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    With the help of the weight release cleanse I was able to lose the last 15 pounds that I needed to reach my goal. This cleanse is well worth the money and the best part is this is not a diet, so you can eat clean and lose weight. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I didn't weigh myself before I started taking the weight release cleanse and I also cheated most of the time and it was still a notable weight release. I am going to restart the weight release cleanse again this time without cheating. While I was on it I noticed that I had a lot more mental clarity and slept well. I would wake up early every morning, and fall asleep easily throughout the day. Since being off of it I realize how much I miss it as well as the many other benefits. *
170 results

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Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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