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Reviews: Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

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  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I tried the weight release formula without knowing that I should have taken the full body detox cleanse first. I was still pleasantly surprised with how much healthier I felt and how my energy increased after the weight release cleanse. Instead of putting all my focus on trying to lose pounds, this program helped me to focus on actually being healthy instead. I'm more conscientious of what I put in my system and decided to cut meat out of my diet altogether. Even though I'm not at my idea weight, what's most important to be is being healthy, balanced and centered. Thanks Dherbs for your natural products! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I would definitely recommend Dherbs for you your go-to diet starter regimen. I lost 21lbs. I stuck with the strict diet and light exercise. Looking forward for round 2!! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    Loved this product and am ready to do it again. Best I have ever done. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I absolutely love my results from using the Weight Release Cleanse. I lost 20 pounds in those 20 days!!! I wish I would have purchased the maintenance kit sooner, but as I kept up with the diet regimen I've released another 10 pounds and feel great. Although taking so many pulls a day took some getting used to, they were very easy to swallow. Also, I didn't experience any bad cramping or mood swings. All in all, a very positive experience and would recommend to everyone. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I've done the full body cleanse and the female cleanse. Loved both of them, but the weight release cleanse was by far what my body needed the most. Plan to do another one very soon. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    The Weight Release Cleanse program was excellent and it produced exactly the results that it said it would. After the 20 day cleanse, I had lost 30 pounds and will do the cleanse again in a few months. I am currently doing the maintenance through the remainder of the year. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to get a boost on weight loss and changing your way of eating. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I have found my regimen, thanks to the weight release & regimen. I actually stopped craving sweets. My stomach didn't stick out, the best and biggest news....wait for it.....I moved down to the next hooks on my bra!!! Yes, that is correct. It is amazing. I told everyone about it. Thank you. I did not think anything would work for me, but Dherbs is working. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I followed the regimen to the T. I lost 14 pounds. Great cleanse with excellent results. Definitely will use again. I feel great! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I lost 8 pounds in 2 days!! I would have lost more if I had stuck to the program. Great product! *
158 results

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