Breathe Easy Inhaler
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Breathe Easy Inhaler

Aromatherapy inhaler high in menthol to provide your respiratory system with all the benefits of these scents.

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Breathe Easy Inhaler+Breathe Easy Bath Drops
Breathe Easy Inhaler $12.95
Price for both: $27.90

Breathe Easy Inhaler is formulated with essential oils that are naturally high in menthol, to deliver these scents to your olfaction (sense of smell) and thorough your respiratory system.

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How To Use

Adults: For maximum strength, close one nostril, hold the inhaler to the other nostril and inhale deeply. To avoid spread of disease, each inhaler should be used by only one person. Use as needed.

  • Denise
    I have severe nasal cavity issues and I have always use vicks or vicks inhaler to help open my nasal cavities, but once I bought this inhaler it worked wonders. Thank you so much will continue to order from here these awesome products. *
  • Roshun
    Great worked very well for me. Chest is clear and nasal passage also. *
  • Curtis
    I LOVE this product! Every morning before I leave the house, I use this and it, literally, gives me clear breathing to start off my day. Thank you, DHerbs! *
  • Dorothea
    Greetings: I receive my package Friday, Dec.15, 2017 along with the Lung & Respiratory Herbs, Lung & Respiratory Tea, I use all three at the same time and my Lungs Open right up. Before I received D Herbs package my oxygen level was low, energy level low, and shortness of breath, I had to use the nebulizer machine every 4 to 6 hours and get up thru the night for a treatment. I am so Grateful for D Herbs! I will be ordering all three products again. For anyone that suffers with Asthma these products is something you Always one to have in your cabinet. Peace, Blessings & Love *
  • Stephen
    I have been using the Respiratory Inhaler for about a week and I already feel the results..... Good stuff! *
  • Michelle
    While on my holiday in egypt, I found this inspirant quite helpful. As well as having to deal with extremely high temperatures, the air was also really thick. I used the respiratory inspirant to help clear my airways, which made it easier to breathe. As always, it worked just fine.

    Watson *

  • Md
    I mostly use the Respiratory Inspirant at bedtime. I think it has really helped my air passage especially at night. Thanks Dherbs for another great product! *
  • Oxana
    I have been using the Respiratory Inhaler for about 3 years now and I love it! Respiratory Inhaler has helped me when I am outside on nasty days I just inhale some and I'm fine. If I know I will be outside on hot, humid summer days or nights in Philadelphia, I just take it with me for comfort and relief. The best part is you just BREATHE IT IN ! Very CONVENIENT!!! It is also wonderful for soothing irritated mucous membranes during colds (I hardly get any since using it in combination with the Astragalus-Goldenseal-Echinacea Extract) and soothing the horrible DRYING EFFECTS of forced hot air heat during winter on the East Coast. When not carrying it with me, I keep it at my bedside. I strongly recommend this product to anyone. PEACE and GOOD HEALTH to ALL! *
  • Judy
    I love using the Respiratory Inspirant. It helped me breathe easy. I will always have one with me. *
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