Q: How do charkas heal the body? What would be a good chakra for chronic knee pain? What chakra would be good for : Dherbs, Herbal Formulas

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Chakras do not heal the body! Chakras are a part of the body, and you can heal through the chakra. Chakras are energy centers and you can perform energy work on the chakras to help the physical body heal as well as the emotional and mental and spiritual aspects of the body or person to heal. For knee pain, I would recommend the following Dherbs.Com formulas: Full Body Cleanse, Joint Aid formula, MSM Sulfur, CALCIUM FORMULA. For depression, great formulas would include: Nerve Formula, ELATION INSPIRANT, SIXTH CHAKRA, ANTI-DEPRESSION ELIXIR. These can be found in our "ON-LINE STORE" Please visit. I go a little into the subject of depression in my "SUICIDE" article. Please read it!

Full Body Cleanse
Joint Aid
MSM Sulfur
Nerve Formula
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)

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