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Okay, you simply have a hormonal system imbalance and amennorrhea (no menses). First, perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by The Female Cleanse. Drink Female Health Tea too during both of these cleanses. After these cleanses, take 3 capsules each of: Menstrual Cycle Formula, Female Hormonal, Yoni Cleanser. Still drink the Female Health Tea as well. Consider a raw foods diet and drink plenty of vegetable juice and fruit juice. If raw foods is too strict, go vegan! No meat, no dairy, etc. Read as much free information on our site as possible, i.e. "Why Women Are So Sick", the "Myth Of Menstruation", etc.

Full Body Cleanse
Female Hormonal
Menstrual Cycle Formula
Yoni Cleanser
The Female Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Female Health Tea

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