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I see a lot of your tea formulas if not all of them are also offered in pill form. Which is recommended the tea or the pill? Also I am pretty sure I have a bacterial infection of some sort. I have been to 2 different doctors neither one of them actually ran any test to find out what the infection was. They really didn’t even listen to me at all when I went there. Actually I told them flat out what tests I wanted done and they still didn’t do them. Now I remember why I hate traditional doctors. One doctor took an x-ray and told me I have a whole lot of bacteria in my ingestions what an x-ray shows there I don’t know because even if it appears cloudy bacteria is SUPPOSE to be there anyway. I already knew I had a problem bacteria there as I am having mucus in my stools. He just gave me an antibotic and that was it. either way his 3 day antibiotic didn’t work and I felt ripped off paying a copay for 3 pills. So I have a question about a recommendation here. I know for sure the bacteria is affecting my intestines as the mucus in my stool. I don’t know where else it has worked into but I am thinking it’s starting to effect my eyes some as well as I have noticed they appear much more watery than normal and looks like they get a discharge from them and they are much more red than normal. Regardless to what the doctor says I don’t have allergies. I know my body much better than he does I have never had allergy problems in the past so I don’t think its caused from that. so what products should I be looking at? and are the teas or pills recommended?

Capsules are more potent than teas but teas get into the body faster. So you can choose what you're looking for. Both capsules and teas work however! For bacterial infection: First perform the
FULL BODY DETOX and follow that up with the 10-DAY SUPREME COLON CLEANSE. Change your diet: raw foods (75%) and vegan (25%). Drink plenty of vegetable juice.
Drink Dherbs MUCUS BUSTER TEA daily (1-2 cups) p.s. - Don't hate traditional doctors! It's negative energy. Read my article
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