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You can use multiple Elixirs at the same time. Just be sure to allow time in between taking each one. We suggest meditating with the use of the elixirs, focusing on clearing one emotion at a time.  If you're looking to cleanse your aura and protect yourself emotionally we would recommend looking into the Chakras and Aura Sprays we have available. We would recommend doing the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen to help improve the health of your lungs.  This regimen includes a Mucus Formula that helps combat mucus in the body.  You can also add the Anti-V Formula to your regimen to help your lungs if it has been affected by a virus.  All of our products are 100% all natural plant life herbs. We do not use any kind of unnatural ingredients including animal products, gluten, GMO, binders or fillers.  We offer products that are safe for elderly, children and adults.  Adjusting her diet would be the best thing to help remedy her conditions.  We suggest giving her the Full Body Cleanse to detox and replenish the health of all the major organs including the heart and kidney's.  Suggesting the Clearing Emotions Elixir to your husband could help clarify any lingering emotions he may have.   We recommend reading our article Respiratory Health.

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Formula
Lungs & Respiratory
Mucus Formula
Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

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