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Give our Activated Charcoal a try. The excess iron must be oxide or unnatural iron!

Activated Charcoal

Please be directed to our ARTICLES section and please read our articles: "High Cholesterol", and "High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)".

Rosacea is caused by parasites and is considered a form of acne. I suggest you first detox with the Full Body Cleanse, then perfomr the ParaWrm Cleanse, and follow this up with the 10 Day Colon Cleanser. Use only good soaps like Kiss My Face and Grandpa Pine Tar soap. Use Bentonite Clay (available at health food stores) 2-3 times a week. Always apply Oxy-Oil to your face after washing and/or claying it. Buy a facial steamer and steam your face every day (c. 15-30 minutes).

Full Body Cleanse
Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
ParaWrm Cleanse
10 Day Colon Cleanser
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

The Full Body Cleanse is for both males and females! The Full Body Cleanse heals acid reflux. Please read our article "Stomach Problems" for more information! Also, consult our "Herbal Chart" located on our Home Page!

Full Body Cleanse

Your body is speaking to you! You need to FACE up to something in your life on a deeper level. You may also need to cleanse your blood as all skin problems denote toxic blood problems.

I highly recommend you perform the Full Body Cleanse. It's what you're looking for to help you out. After the Full Body Cleanse, I recommend you perform the 10 Day Colon Cleanser. Read our free articles such as "Irritable Bowel Syndrome", and "Calculi: Kidney, Bladder, and Gall Stones", etc.

Full Body Cleanse
10 Day Colon Cleanser

I would recommend that you perform the Full Body Cleanse. The Smoke-Less Formula is for cigarettes.

Full Body Cleanse
Smoke-Less Formula

You need a medicated soap like kiss my face or grandpa's pine tar soap or dr. Bronners liquid castile soap.

Full Body Cleanse first. Fibriod Buster Cleanse And Regime, second. The Female Cleanse, third! The Fibriod Buster formula should be taken when no kit is taken!

I suggest the person perform the Full Body Cleanse and add Khemetian Gold to their diet (add to every glass of drinking water). A dietary change is a must!

Full Body Cleanse

I am delighted you enjoy the Dherbs website. Thank you for your words! Green Vibrance is a pretty good product and would supply you with much needed nutrition as mostly all green foods will. My only concern with the product (Green Vibrance) is the mixing of ingredients. I don't believe in mixing fruits with greens due to the mixture of acids and alkalines. A green food product should be TOTALLY "green foods" only and nothing else. Green Vibrance mixes citrus/acids i.e. grape seed extract, acerola berry juice powder with green foods in addition to bee pollen, royal jelly, wheat germ, etc. Also, as a vegan (strict vegetarian), I object to BEE POLLEN and ROYAL JELLY being used. These are from living entities (insects/animals). I also object to SOY as well which is in the product! Other than this, Green Vibrance is a great product that I would endorse as a source of organic nutrition and dietary fiber. Dherbs Multi-Vitamins and Minerals formula and other products that are in pill form are in VEGAN capsules that dissolve 100%. At, we only use the BEST! Our product is 100% botanical! However, as far as absorption, NOTHING absorbs better than liquid and nothing is better as a source of minerals, vitamins, amino acids than Fulvic Acid which we sell as Khemetian Gold. This stuff is POWERFUL! 1000% pure nutrition! Do your research on Fulvic and Humic Acid and you'll see why I'm saying what I'm saying! So basically, Beloved, either way (Green Vibrance or B-Vitamin Complex and/or Khemetian Gold) you'll be getting much needed nutrition! It's your choice! We value and respect free will and we don't believe in competition nor do we have to belittle, negate, or condemn another product or company to make a sale. Our primary concern is that people get what they need nutrition-wise and it doesn't have to come from us. Our goal is not to just sell products, but to properly educate people about human health and that's why we offer 175+ free articles in addition to 100+ products! Peace and Love --- and thank you for your interest in! P.S. - read our testimonials on our site and listen to (read about) the American people on what they are experiencing with products!

Nadia has you gargling with some good stuff! Keep doing what you are doing. The hydrogen peroxide will help heal your gums. Khemetian Gold (available at Dherbs.vom) can also be used as a gargle. This is some powerful stuff! Read the "Benefits Of Carbon A/K/A Activated Charcoal" article as well. Follow the advice in that article! Nadia is an apostle of health! A dear friend whom I love, value, and treasure! A real trooper! You'd all be wise to listen to her. She knows her stuff. A very powerful spiritual soul indeed! Life.. We all laughed at her two years ago... She endured a lot... Now she's got seven of us detoxing... Life is hilarious isn't she.... Thank you for caring for those you haven't even seen....

Make sure any Folic Acid you take is 100% botanical or plant-based (organic)! Dherbs.Com sells a 100% organic Folic Acid formula. Also, periodically, perform the Uterus Cleanse as a maintenance regimen as well as The Female Cleanse. Folic Acid is necessary but so are the other nutrients required for optimal health. Don't isolate! You need a full complex of nutrients.

The Female Cleanse
Uterus Cleanse

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Zinc Formula