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Yes! She can take Cardiovascular formula and Circulation Aid formula. However, this problem denotes a serious need to alter the diet (sounds like a problem with meat digestion). I too used to suffer from chest pain and kicked the problem by totally changing my diet (going vegan)!

Circulation Aid

The Full Body Cleanse won't have any harmful effects with the meds but the Detox will be counterproductive to the meds as the meds are poison and herbs work against poison. It is your meds that are harming you right now. God made no part of the human body out of medication or pharmaceuticals (petroleum) so you can never heal a health problem with drugs.

Full Body Cleanse
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Taking the formula while pregnant is not recommended as it can be a risk. The herbal capsules are too potent for women to consume while with child. We suggest trying the Anti-Viral Liquid Extract or the Anti-V Tea to help assist with viruses while pregnant.

Anti-V Tea

Yes, as long as they stay away from drugs (i.e. AZT), think positive, have a healthy attitude, change their diet, live healthy, etc. They will be just fine! They should also not identify with HIV either! Please read "AIDS and HIV".

Elixirs work best by themselves, taken directly in the mouth. For digestion problems, I would recommend Colon & Digestive Tract. Glad you are enjoying your Dherbs 10 Day Colon Cleanser. Thank you for your patronage!

Colon & Digestive Tract
10 Day Colon Cleanse

GMDR = general modified dietary regimen, something we took away and no longer offer, but may bring back in the future.

Perform Full Body Cleanse. Change diet (eliminate meat, dairy, refined grains/starches, etc.) Add OXY-DROPS (oxygen) to every glass of water. New article on Muscular Dystrophy coming very soon, so please stay tuned for that article. More information will be given in the article for the people at large.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

It could be a fibroid tumor but an enlarged uterus absent a tumor is also very possible. I would suggest periodic detoxing (Full Body Cleanse) followed by performance of the (The Female Cleanse) and then returning to your regimen (Menstrual Cycle Formula, Iron Phosphate formula, etc.). Drink Female Health Tea daily as well. But the biggest thing is to change your diet. Give up meat, dairy products, refined grains and starches, etc. Diet change is so important! Read our free articles too for more information!

Full Body Cleanse
Iron Formula
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The Female Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Female Health Tea

Immune booster extract, echinacea and goldenseal, children detox (liquid extracts), (periodically) ear oil extract. These products can be found under "Children's extracts" page.

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