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You can use the Uterus Formula without doing the cleanses first, but it will not be as effective in eliminating the fibroid. Working to heal the body from a clean bill of health makes your body more receptive to treatment for the conditions. The formula is just one of six supplements that is included in the Uterus Cleanse. Also, Yes, please consult our article on "Fibroid Tumors" which you can find on our website under Articles.

Uterus Formula
Uterus Cleanse

This is a sign of poor circulation and lack of nutrients (minerals). First, perform the Full Body Cleanse. Then, take Hair Skin Nails formula, Electric Greens Combo, Vitamin C formula, Circulation Aid formula, and MSM Sulfur daily.

Full Body Cleanse
Circulation Aid
Electric Greens Combo
Hair Skin Nails
MSM Sulfur
Vitamin C
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

It may! Give it a try and see for yourself. Nothing beats failure but a try!

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Please read the article "PREGNANCY, BREASTFEEDING, AND DETOXING" which you can find on our site under "Articles." Great article and information! Please read! Thank you kindly!

She really should stop worrying about it! Instead she should visualize how she desires her vagina to be. She needs to use visualization and affirmations. She also has to realize that the vagina stretches due to pregnancy and her vagina is staying loose due to possible future pregnancies. This is how her vagina is thinking. It is looking toward the future. So why would it tighten up when it's used to large babies passing through it? Her mind wants the vagina to tighten up but the vaginal mind wants it to stay loose.

Any good food dehydrator that costs about $100 and up should be good. Edema can be knocked out by detoxing (see Full Body Cleanse).

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

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