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Echinacea root, Burdock root, Pau D' Arco, Goldenseal root, Manjistha, Dandelion root

You should always eat something before taking the capsules. That Blood formula is pretty potent and should not be taken on an empty stomach. Also, read the article "Is this normal?" and "Healing crisis". Great articles!

Blood & Lymphatic

For anemia, i recommend a person take Blood & Lymphatic Formula , Vitamin C, and Iron Phosphate formula. The medication is posion and harming the body. Herbs are better for the body.

Blood & Lymphatic
Vitamin C

Pregnant? Wouldn't recommend it. Trying to get pregnant? You could perform the cleanse.

Please take the time to read our Vitiligo article. This article is very informative, listing the products we carry for this condition.

I can tell you right now; do not mix herbs with medication (drugs) because it defeats the purpose. Medication is poison and herbs remove poisons from the body. Remember, god ordained the herbs for the healing of the nations (revelation 22:2) and as for use as medicine (ezekiel 47:12). Not drugs! You can never heal the human body with drugs because the body is organic and the drugs are inorganic and thus the body cannot assimilate anything inorganic. Stopping the menstrual period is dangerous! There are future ramifications for doing this. You are going against your nature!

The Bio-Salicin formula is herbal aspirin and is concocted to address pain. We call it the Headache And Pain Formula because the name is ideal for the formula. The ingredients are actually listed on the site on the on-line store (all products). Some of the ingredients include white willow bark, black willow bark, feverfew, poplar, woodruff, wintergreen, peppermint, wood betony, and spearmint.

No product cures, Beloved. You (your mind and body) heal yourself. Herbs only assist you. I recommend you begin your healing with the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen.

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

The essential nutrients are all 102 minerals (calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc.), vitamins, amino acids, B-vitamins, etc. For the skin problem, I suggest performing the Full Body Cleanse for starters. Apply Oxy-Oil externally to the face, especially after a good facial wash and scrub.

Full Body Cleanse
Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

You can use the Oxy-Oil internally as well as externally. We have dental hygiene products coming soon, i.e. Natural Tooth Powder, mouthwash, etc. But check your Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)  for healthy brands of toothpaste. You'll find it in the manual. Great purchase!!!! Fyi: I'm not a doctor.

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

This question has been addressed already. Please go to our articles page and read the article on "Hair Problems". Thank you kindly for your interest.

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Zinc Formula