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Have the person take 3 capsules of our Kidneys-Bladder-Adrenal formula 3-5 times per day and drink 1-2 cups of Juniper Berry and/or Cornsilk tea.

Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

I don't carry "Viento" but I have a similar product and at a more economical price. Viento is $50. I suggest Dherbs "Rainforest Tonic" which only costs $19.95

Start detoxing with the Full Body Cleanse every 3-4 months. Place a magnet via adhesive on the cyst and wear throughout the day for numerous days. Get a loofah brush and scrub the cyst while showering and/or bathing! Do this for starters!

Full Body Cleanse

Make a tea using anise seed and/or caraway seed, sweeten it with maple syrup, and add a little lemon and put in a baby bottle and give to the baby. However, remove the acid foods. Tell her to use hemp, almond, or rice milk. They are far better than soy milk.

Our capsules are NOT gelatin but I understand your sentiment. I would say order the Children's detox and the Detox tea and perform the Full Body Cleanse this way (though 2 bottles are missing from the bottled version of the FBC with the Children's version). But the tea will make up for this. Order: Children's Detox Detox tea Carbon. (activated charcoal) Take these products every day for 20 days. Extracts at four separate times, the tea once a day, and the carbon before bedtime! Ask The Herbalist I have one more question, I take Amla internally (tablets and loose ground powder) is it good for hair growth, also can I take it everyday along with other herbs. The most common herbs that I take every day is Chia seed, Black Seed, and Cayeene pepper mixed together, I sprinkle this combination on my foods, thank you. Amla helps for hair growth! You are taking good stuff!

Full Body Cleanse
Activated Charcoal

Perform in this order: Full Body Cleans, Anti-Viral kit, and Parasite and Worm kit. Time frame between each kit? 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, or 14 days! It's really up to you!

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen
ParaWrm Cleanse

It's your choice! If it has carbonation in it, I wouldn't drink too much of it. Spring water is best on the market (unless you can find a brand of water that is alkaline and antioxidant). Drinking too much distilled water can leech vital nutrients from the body. Switch up between distilled and spring.

I recommend you take the 2nd Chakra elixir. The elixir helps YOU to open up your chakra. You have all the power, not the elixir. The elixir is just a tool. A closed chakra means many things and yes, it will result in some physical ailment in the area the chakra is located in. 2nd chakra ailments deal with emotions, sexuality, and relationships. Most women are damaged in one or more or all of these things which shuts down the chakra energy and eventually manifest in some kind of female reproductive area pathology like fibroid tumors. In all honesty, you would do well to detox your whole body ? BE WHOLISTIC, don't isolate! Detoxing helps to open up all the chakras of the body. Look into the Fibroid Buster kit as well. Read some of our free articles too.

Uterus Formula

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