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Is there a way to take some of the pills instead of all of them? Perhaps taking a set of herbs in the morning and then in the evening or even skip a day in between? If it works for you, then do so!

When starting any new program (especially involving taking medications, vitamins or herbs), I usually start out slowly and build up to the full dosage. Is there a way that this can be done? Yes, improvise! Do what works best for you, Beloved! Please read "How To Take Herbs".

Why worry about Down's Syndrome? What you fear will appear! Worrying is futile, a waste of time! You create what you worry about! Please read my article on Down's Syndrome

Fenugreek is one of my favorite herbs. As it is yellowish in color, it is great for liver complaints. It is also great for all mucus conditions and works great with mullein leaf and comfrey root for all mucus conditions and respiratory complaints.

Eat your favorite fruit while monitoring your blood sugar level. It may take some time before your blood sugar levels are regulated and you can return to eating fruit. But try eating what fruits you like while monitoring your BS levels. Be intelligent and use common sense and trust your intuition here.

Can I have whole wheat bread? NO!

Can I have eggs, or you consider them dairy? NO! Eggs come from animal!

What do you mean by cruciferous salad? Can I add tomatoes, celery, onions, etc.? Any limitations for vegetables? Cruciferous means leafy i.e. leafy vegetables (Romain lettuce, Green lettuce). Yes, you can add other vegetables you like and desire.

You've mentioned trail mix, are dried fruits allowed? Yes, but watch your BS levels!

How can I replace vegetable juices? Eat more cabbage and brussel sprouts? Are beans allowed in this diet? You can't replace vegetable juice. Either you drink it or you don't! Eat more cabbage and brussel sprouts. Cooked beans are not allowed in the diet.

Try overdosing on Dherbs BIO-PROTEIN formula (6-12 capsules daily) or Bio Protein Powder Mix. It's 100% safe! We don't believe in eating or taking anything for muscle mass. You can simply use your imagination and visualization techniques for this. Thank you for your interest!!!!

Vegan Protein
Vegan Berry Powder Mix
Vegan Protein Powder Mix - Pure Pea Protein

Please read our article entitled "Staph Infection" on our site! The information is there!

Please read our "HPV" article on our site under ARTICLES section.

For lung disease, I highly recommend our Lungs and Respiratory formula. For sleep apnea I recommend Nerves Formula. For Bi-Polar, I recommend Brain Tuner and CNS formula and Chakra Elixir #6 and #7. For osteoarthritis, I recommend Joints Formula and Acid Buster.

Brain Booster
Joint Aid
Lungs & Respiratory
Nerve Formula

Pancreas formula, Sugar Buster, Bio-Insulin. As much as they like to! But perhaps, 4 times max per year!

Pancreas Formula
Sugar Formula

I'm pretty much into herbs and treating the causes of diseases. However, great idea though! I recommend a cold bottle of some kind of essential oil-based hydrosol for hot flashes.

I highly recommend that you first perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Uterus Formula kit and regimen for your condition. Change your diet, lifestyle, thoughts, attitude, etc. Develop a new lifestyle. You can be healed if you believe you can. Dherbs has the right products for you!

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Uterus Cleanse

Start detoxing with the Full Body Detox 3-4 times a year. Perform the Fibroid Buster kit at least 2-3 times a year as well. Change your diet (consider becoming a vegan-vegetarian).

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Uterus Cleanse

We have numerous articles that I feel you really need to read so as to get many of your questions answered. For menstrual problems, I recommend you start detoxing with the Full Body Cleanse a few times per year as well as the Total Women Cleanse. As maintenance formulas, use daily Menstrual Cycle Formula, Female Health Tea, and Female Hormonal. Again, start reading some of those FREE women's health articles.

Full Body Cleanse
Female Hormonal
Menstrual Cycle Formula
The Female Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Female Health Tea

Acid indigestion is an excess acid cognition in the stomach. It's excess acid backing up from the stomach area (due to acid-forming foods, i.e. meat, dairy products, refined grains, starches, etc.). To prevent this condition, neutralize the acidity with alkalinity in the form of green foods (green vegetables, green seaweeds) and alkaline substances (i.e. herbs, fruit, vegetables, alkaline water drops, etc.). Eat mostly green foods, fruits and vegetables and the condition will naturally subside. Please read "Alkaline vs. Acidity. Why Your Body’s pH Balance Matters.".

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