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Yes, The Full Body Cleanse will greatly help with your mucus situation. After you cleanse we would recommend the Mucus Formula, Sinus Formula and Lungs & Respiratory, which are great in helping to eradicate mucus conditions.

Full Body Cleanse
Lungs & Respiratory
Mucus Formula
Sinus Formula
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)

We do not recommend for a pregnant woman to take the Uterus Formula. Pregnant women should concentrate on receiving adequate nutrition. Once the pregnancy is over, you can cleanse and supplement with Uterus Formula.

Uterus Formula

Both wheatgrass and goji berries have high nutritional values that are great to consume in high amounts.

Start with the Full Body Cleanse, followed by Athletic Package. After finishing all cleanses, you should continue taking individual formulas. Formulas we would recommend for your issue are Brain Booster, MSM Sulfur, Vegan Protein, Athletic Boost, and Electric Greens Combo.

Full Body Cleanse
Vegan Protein
Brain Booster
Electric Greens Combo
MSM Sulfur
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Athletic Boost
Athletic Package

Thank you for your interest in Dherbs! Here's what we would recommend for you (in the proper order): 1. Full Body Cleanse 2. Female Cleanse 3. 10-Day Colon Cleanse 4. Anti-V Cleanse And Regimen. Wait about 3 to 7 days before you begin your next kit! Make sure you drink our Detox Tea and Female Health Tea during all of your cleanses (all 4 of them)! 

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Female Health Tea
10 Day Colon Cleanse

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